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(From the CHIP Summary of Coverage)

To qualify for Traditional CHIP coverage as an eligible person under Section 7, you must be a permanent resident of the State of Illinois who has been legally domiciled in Illinois for a period of at least 180 days. To qualify for HIPAA-CHIP coverage as a federally eligible individual under Section 15, you must be a permanent Illinois resident who is legally domiciled in Illinois. To maintain residency in the State of Illinois for purposes of remaining eligible for and participating in CHIP, you must continue to reside in a place of permanent habitation which remains your principal residence within the State of Illinois, and continue to remain present in Illinois for the foreseeable future except when absent for temporary or transitory purposes. The use of a relative’s or friend’s address to maintain an Illinois mailing address is not sufficient to meet this requirement, and is not enough to preserve your eligibility for CHIP and any coverage you might later receive under CHIP, unless you continue to physically reside there on a permanent full-time basis. We may periodically require verification of residency and may require any additional information or documentation, or statements under oath, from you when necessary to determine your residency for the entire term of your CHIP coverage. A child or legally incompetent adult is legally domiciled in Illinois if the child or legally incompetent adult lives in Illinois and his or her custodial parent(s) or legal guardian-of-the-person is legally domiciled in Illinois.

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