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A State health insurance program for Illinois residents

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Apply for Coverage:

Apply online

Downloadable Application for Printing

Application - Revised 1/14

Tobacco Use Certification Forms

If your tobacco use has changed, use the Change of Tobacco Use form. (Updated 1/2012)

Forms for New Applicants
Supplemental Application Regarding Possible Third Party Liability - Rev 6/04
Form to Remove a Pending Application from Consideration for CHIP Coverage
Bank Service Plan (BSP) Form Rev 2/13

Forms for Current Members Only
Mailings to All CHIP Participants Regarding the Affordable Care Act (ACA) 6/18/13)
Continued Eligibility Form - Rev 9/2013
Claim Form
Authorization Regarding Premiums Notices Form Rev 3/13
Special Bank Service Plan (BSP) Form Rev 6/13
Name and Address Change Form - Rev 9/13
Residency Affidavit (PDF) - Rev 9/13
Form for Active Members to terminate their CHIP coverage - Rev 1/13

Plan Information and Rates
List of Hospital PPO Providers - Effective 07/14
Summary of CHIP Coverage - Rev 4/13
ICHIP Premium calculator Calculate your own premiums
Premium Rate Tables - Rev 01/14
Summary of Prior Rate Changes - Rev 10/11
Grievance Procedure

Privacy Forms
Confidential Communications Request Form - Rev 9/04
Disclosure Accounting Request Form - Rev 9/04
Licensed Illinois Insurance Producer Information & Authorization form - Rev 6/12
PHI Access Request Form - Rev 9/04
PHI Change Request Form - Rev 9/04
Privacy Complaint Form - Rev 9/04
Response to Denied Request to Change -Rev 2/04
Restriction Request Form - Rev 9/04
Standard Authorization Form - Rev 03/14

Annual Reports and Audits
See the Annual Reports and Audits page

Spousal Continuation (Illinois)
Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan Act

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