Illinois Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan
Pat Quinn, Governor
Andrew Boron, Chairman of the Board of Directors
Melissa Hansen, Executive Director
A State health insurance program for Illinois residents

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Blue Access for Members (Medical)
Catamaran (Pharmacy Benefit Manager)

Active Members:

Form for Active Members to terminate their CHIP coverage (PDF) Rev 1/13
Avoid a phone call, try Blue Access.

  • Health Insurance Marketplace Information
  • Alert: If you are applying for coverage through the ACA, when you are asked if you are currently enrolled in health coverage, I-CHIP is not CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Plan.)

    Looking for ACA Coverage? (External Link)
    ACA Enrollment Information (PDF) (02/11/14)
    Individual Short form (Instructions) (PDF) (11/4/13)
    Family Application (Instructions) (PDF) (11/4/13)
    Application Without Financial Assistance (Instructions) (PDF) (11/4/13)
    Marketplace Application Form for Families (PDF) (10/22/13)
    Get Covered Illinois (Illinois health insurance marketplace)
    Marketplace FAQ (10/1/13)
    Governor Quinn Announces Illinois Health Plan Rates are 25 Percent Below HHS Estimates (External link) (9/24/13)
    Marketplace Premium Data Book (External link) (9/24/13)
    HHS launches Health Insurance Marketplace educational tools (External link) (6/25/13)
    Health Insurance Reform Information Center (External link)

  • Other CHIP Information

  • Letter to Section 7 Members (Only applies to Traditional 00PCHP/00PCDP) (PDF) Rev 03/05/14
    Email to all active members
    (PDF) Rev 03/03/14
    Email to all active members (PDF) Rev 02/24/14
    The Affordable Care Act (ACA) survey is now closed.
    Survey Results (PDF)
    Questions Most Frequently Asked by Survey Takers (HTML) | (PDF) (10/03/13)
    October 15th Letter to Participants
    (PDF) (10/17/13)
    Mailings to All CHIP Participants Regarding the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
    Letter To Members (PDF) (01/21/14)
    Important Announcement Regard Rate Table Changes (Plan 3 and W) (PDF) (11/18/13)
    Important Announcement Regard Rate Table Changes (Plan 5 and X) (PDF) (11/18/13)
    Changes in Definitions, Renewal Agreement, Premiums and Deductible (Plans 3, 5, W, and X) (PDF) (11/18/13)
    January 2014 Rate Tables and Premium Calculators Are Now Available (11/15/13)
    CHIP Annual Report 2012 (PDF) (11/13/13)
    October 2013 Letter to Participants with HCTC plans (PDF) (10/2/2013)
    September 2013 Letter to CHIP Plan 2 Members (PDF) (10/1/2013)
    Updated PPO Listing (07/2014)
    CHIP to Discountinue Referral Fees Effective 7/1/2013 (4/16/2013)
    Referral Fee FAQ (4/16/2013)

  • Agendas, Minutes and Related Information

  • Board and Committee Meetings (8/18/2014)

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