Illinois Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan
Pat Quinn, Governor
Andrew Boron, Chairman of the Board of Directors
Melissa Hansen, Executive Director
A State health insurance program for Illinois residents

+ Utilities
+ Administrators
Blue Access for Members (Medical)
Catamaran (Pharmacy Benefit Manager)

CHIP Rates

Calculate your own premiums
ICHIP Premium calculator (Effective 1/1/2014)
Traditional Rate Tables (PDF) (Effective 1/1/2014)
HIPAA Rate Tables (PDF) (Effective 1/1/2014)

If you are currently enrolled, any change in premiums reflected in this table will take effect with the premium that is due for your next renewal period beginning on or after your six-month anniversary date between August 1, 2012 and January 31, 2013.

Adobe Acrobat Reader required to view the rate tables

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